Monday, October 07, 2019

Coconut Sheet Cake

Why do I keep making big cookie sheet pans full of cake to tempt me all day long?? It just seems right, that’s why. And still I have plans to make more…because now that I’m suddenly obsessed with sheet cakes I need to try all the flavors! Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved sheet cakes but I’m just now really appreciating the fact of their simplicity. Mix it, spread it, bake it, frost it, boom done! They’re just easier than layer cakes yet they can still be fancied up, they don’t need to just be your average potluck sheet cake.
Coconut Sheet Cake | Cooking Classy
This time around I was feeling like coconut cake, so Coconut Sheet Cake it is! And this one most definitely does not disappoint! We were all trying to resist two slices but it’s just not possible with this cake, it’s just not, don’t judge – you’ll see :). At least I waited a few hours to go back for more (as if that helps lol). What I’m getting at is that you need to try this cake! If you like coconut this is the cake for you, and once you try it you’ll want to make it for every get together and special occasion that comes your way. It’s has a perfectly soft and moist crumb and you will be savoring every last bite of it. And don’t get me started on the coconut and fresh raspberry combo, this cake is just that much better when it’s topped with fresh raspberries! Then last but not least, I can’t forget to mention how much love with this Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting, it is one of the dreamiest things on the planet! It’s total bliss in frosting form. Yeah, this cake is a diet killer but it’s worth it!
Coconut Sheet Cake | Cooking ClassyCoconut Sheet Cake | Cooking ClassyCoconut Sheet Cake | Cooking Classy

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